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  • Flip Top Cash Drawer
Flip Top Cash Drawer

Flip Top Cash Drawer

Made in China, Flip Top cash drawer with 6B8C.6B6C coin case.
With lockable cash tray lid.

KST-460A POS Flip Top Cash Drawer



* dimension: 460*170*100mm

* Net Weight: 4.8kg

* Thick gauge cold rolled steel & SGCC

* Textured hybrid powder coat

*  ABS Cash Tray

* Lockable cover for cash tray.



* 6B8C as standard

* 2-position key lock: locked

* Solenoid unit with 12V or 24V

* RJ11/RJ12 from Bottom


Packaging & Shipping



Hardboard carton & PE inner bag

& EPE protection

Carton Size: 525*225*170mm

Gross Weight: 5.4kg


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