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  • 330 compact pos Locking cash till drawer
  • 330 compact pos Locking cash till drawer
  • 330 compact pos Locking cash till drawer
330 compact pos Locking cash till drawer 330 compact pos Locking cash till drawer 330 compact pos Locking cash till drawer

330 compact pos Locking cash till drawer

  • Product Item : KST-330
  • Product description : 330 compact pos Locking cash till drawer
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Indroduce to 330 compact pos Locking cash till drawer

As one of the leading Cash Drawer Manufacturers, We could promise material object / real product will only 
be more nice than the image show. All product has high quality. If need good quality and lowest price cash drawer
compared with same model cash drawer, pls search our economical 
cash drawer, We promise it is best product in China. Surely, It is better to contact us directly.
Cash Till Drawer parameters: 
* Item name: KST-300
* Dimension: 330w*348d*90h mm
* Layout: 4B5C as standard
* 3-position key lock
* Emergency Switch
* Solenoid unit with 12V or 24V
* Detachable RJ11/RJ12 from Bottom.
* Cable Length: 1m as standard
* Net Weight: 4.6kg 
* Packing: 1pcs/carton, 
* Carton Size: 475*470*170mm
* Gross Weight: 5.3kg

In order to better understand this cash till drawer, I hope you have a read the following.

Cash Till Drawer Structure:

This is a electronic cash drawer, of a square shape, Upper shell make of 0.8mm thick gauge cold rolled steel,
and the bottom is made of SGCC or SECC. Btw, all cash drawer from Kustal Tech is with metal/stainless panel,
No matter is is economical or heavy duty cash drawer. They are of top level sturdy cash drawer in China.

Paint Process:

This cash till drawer is textured hybrid powder coat. The standard color is elegant black or bright white.
We can also use other baking process and colors according to the needs.

Internal components:

1. This pos drawer is a economical roller cash drawer, Popular model in pos market,  Especial for us
    Price sensitive market.
   So,it is wih heavy-duty ball bearing rollers. Based on it, the cash drawer can be easily 
   pulled out or pushed forward.
2. And the internal actuator (locking mechanism) adopts the most reasonable design, 
   which is very smooth and has high stability. This is also one of the most advanced 
   designs in China, We have got the patents.
3. This is a compact cash till drawer for shop, it has no removable Cash Tray & Coin Case, 
   It just has one complete plastic insert. Which is make from HIPS/ABS material,First-class materials.
   (Many cash drawers suppliers on the market emphasize that their cash tray are ABS or HIPS trays,
   but they will not tell you that their materials are recycled or even recycled for the third time)
   the quality and price vary greatly!) So, You could take the tray out when get off work. 
   And This insert is with metal wire grips.
4. Some small features:
   This square pos cash drawer has emergency switch, help you open this terminal when you could not find the key,
   or just open the cash drawer has some stuck/jam issue.
    You may a pos peripheral/hardware distributor/eetailer, So you need send cash box drawer to your
   customer by express, So our stop add-ons works when you during delivery, it could avoid cash drawer 
   stuck/jam maximally, am happy to tell you that stop add-ons is the basic configuration of 
   this cash drawer.

About Till Drawer Packing:

  Our Carton box is make of 5 layor hardboard(corrugated paper)
  And PE inner bag keep away from moisture and dust.
  Super thick EPE, full of elasticity, reduce and avoid bumps during logistics and express delivery,
  (Many low-quality cash drawers on the market are made of EPS. The texture is relatively hard and 
  non-degradable. In fact, it has great environmental problems. In China, EPS has been restricted to 
  a great extent.)

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