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Kustal is an experienced factory, its predecessor is a local metal mold factory established in 2013, engaged in the design and manufacture of metal mold. With many years of experience in designing and manufacturing cash drawer components, its high quality products and honest management have won wide acclaim.

Kustal is an innovative technology company which is located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, founded in 2018. Dedicated to the design and manufacture of a series of high-quality cash drawers. Excellent product design from the source to improve the product reliability, greatly reduce the product problem such asdeformation,stuck. The humanized design reduces the potential harm to the product common maintenance personnel, and improves the user's comfort and working efficiency.

Kustal is a reliable business partner. It have excellent sales and technical team. As the center based on customers, its products provide one and half year warranty, life-long customer service support.  It promises 16 hours one day, 7 days a week in the online service, and practical support in direct contact with the sales team and engineers. All the problems promise have effective answer within in the day. Let’s our customer far away the fear of customer service problem.

Company Mission: Making User-Friendly Cash Drawers to  create a better working environment and improve user's work efficiency. 

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Address: 4F Zone B, Experimental Workshop 2 , Lianmei Road No. 39, Lianhua Industrial Zone, TongAn District, Xiamen,China

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